Is internet art a slave of its medium?
I am the internet
"I think there is a role for museums but I think they are on the road to irrelevance, because if their goal is to capture what is most interesting or relevant or prevalent in culture right now on the aesthetic edge then they are failing big time"
- Jon Ippolito
"Has the distinction between art and non-art become irrelevant in an age when art and science, commerce and fashion are all whipped together in the global culture blender we call the Internet?"
Jon Ippolito and Blais (1996)
"When everyone has easy access to their favorite diversions and every diversion comes with a rabbit hole’s worth of extra features and deleted scenes and hidden hacks to tumble down and never emerge from, then we’re all just adding to an ever-swelling, soon-to-erupt volcano of trivia, re-contextualized and forever rebooted. We’re on the brink of Etewaf: Everything That Ever Was—Available Forever"
- Patton Oswalt (Wired)